The Journey begins…

The first time I ever heard about exact knowledge was when +…Beryl put up an advert that a secretary was needed and the website to check was

The advertisement for a job piqued my interest and I simply clicked on the link and was taken to the website.
Ofcourse, the website was still under construction but it gave an insight to what they do.
From what I gathered, its basically education on the go. learning on the go! That has got to be very intriguing and exciting. Knowing you can be studying  as you go about your daily business. Most people have mobile devices, this is not those years when a mobile phone was a luxury, it actually is a necessity, even primary school students have their own personal mobile phones. I guess its the advent of technology, I wonder what kind of phone would come out later in the future that my kids would roll their eyes at me when I have difficult grasping it.

Anyways, on the website there’s a catchy word, ‘Epignosis’ and I began to wonder, what’s that?
Google they say is man’s best friend, so I checked up the word online.Image

Epignosis is derived from a Greek word meaning precise and correct knowledge. (And I remembered a movie I had watched where the Greek father had two major beliefs, all English words were derived from Greek, and Windex (that window cleaner) could cure every skin infection or wound.)

This then means that one can have precise and correct information about a course or subject just at your fingertips, all you have to do is download the application. This is really exciting, especially for those who like to do everything on their phone.
In conclusion, this is an application that can and will benefit everyone of different age groups whether you are studying or just to increase your knowledge. And I am so glad I am a part of it.